Another person claims Curtain Rods!!!

I know I may be a little late to this discussion about someone else claiming curtain rods, but I feel the need to share it with everyone who is not familiar. As I was looking through some of the FBI files on the case I found another person that claims he was told by Oswald that he had curtain rods. My journey to this discovery came as I was looking through old telephone records of the home of Michael Paine. In the notes that the FBI had, was a memo that stated a man named Robert Yates voluntarily came into the office on November 26th, 1963. In his statement he claimed that he picked up a hitchhiker in the Oak Cliff section of Dallas on Beckley Street on either November 20th or 21st (Note that Oswald’s rooming house was located on Beckley Street). The man according to the witness had a package with him as he was standing on the side of the road. When Mr. Yates offered him a ride in his pickup truck, he told the man that he could put the package in the bed of the truck. The man stated that he wanted to hold on to him, because they were “curtain rods”.

The witness stated that once he saw the television coverage of the assassination he immediately recognized the man as Lee Harvey Oswald. How could Oswald be in two places at the same time? As the statements given by employees of the Texas School Book Depository mentioned, Oswald was at work on these two days leading up to the assassination. The witness said that he picked this Oswald up at around 10:30am and he was certain it was the Oswald on the television. The witness went on to further say that during the ride, that Oswald was asking him questions about  “if someone could shoot the president”, “ever been to the carousel club”, “you think this rifle in this picture can kill him”. Even questions about the motorcade route of the president were talked about in this less then 15 minute drive into Dallas. The hitchhiker wanted to be dropped off at the intersection of Houston and Elm ( Texas School Book Depository) These kinds of questions raised some suspicion in the witness because when he arrived back to work that day, he mentioned his encounter with the hitchhiker to another co-worker. This witness was never brought before the Warren Commission and was completely left out of the final report. The FBI did not find that Mr. Robert Yates to be telling a lie, because they interviewed the other co-workers who claimed that he did mention to them about the hitchhiker story when he came back to work that day.

So how can there be two Oswald’s doing things at the same time on November 20th or 21st. My guess is that this witness Mr. Yates did not know Lee Harvey Oswald at the time, and that he did not want any fame from this. In the FBI memo, it states that the witness does not want publicity from it. The Warren Commission found this to go against the things they had already thought happened, and they did not want any part of it as well. We know from witness testimony at the Texas School Book Depository ( TSBD), that many of them take lunch at 12:00 but that they do not punch out for their break. Could Oswald have left the building unnoticed and caught a ride to his rooming house to retrieve a different gun to be used in the assassination? Then caught a ride back into the city before his lunch break would be over. Remember, it is only a 15 minute ride to the rooming house. We also know that someone has already brought a rifle into the building a few days before and that everyone was glancing over it. If Oswald was to bring a package in then, nobody would notice.

The real question should be, if he was able to get a gun into the building on either the 20th or 21st, why would he need to bring another package on the 22nd. The story that Buell Frazier mentions is the one that the Warren Commission is so readily wanting to accept instead of Mr. Yates’s story. Could it be that Frazier’s link to getting Oswald the job, and the every Monday car rides seemed so much better. Or are they trying to hide the fact that there was two rifles found that day, and the gun they wanted to find was right where they thought it would be and the other rifle used went missing. I’m not saying that Oswald pulled the trigger, but I do believe that there was involvement on his part, and to figure out what it was is another mystery to uncover. Two Dallas Police Officers make a mention about finding another rifle and not the one that had been shown to the world. They have made statements about finding this other gun but yet again, this gets overlooked. But that discussion will be for another day and time to examine.


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11 thoughts on “Another person claims Curtain Rods!!!”

  1. The story that he tells has never added up. In many of his interviews he stated that him and Oswald barely spoke in the car. But yet he somehow knows about different aspects of Oswald’s life including living in Russia. Guess that wasn’t important to Buell since we were in the middle of the Cold War at the time.

    1. Jack Dougherty saw Oswald enter the building that morning carrying NOTHING….Frazier dropped him off at the door and he went and parked his car and walked alone to work. This is supported by other workers testimony to the HSCA….If anyone took a rifle into the building that morning it had to be Frazier…Oswald denied the curtain rod story…He didn’t mention taking curtain rods to Ruth Paine or Marina…He also was seen at a shooting range with Oswald prior to the shooting…Frazier was a short hair away from being charged as an accomplice and I think he gave them what they wanted.

      1. Exactly, people forget about the sightings at the rifle range and the fact that Frazier himself owned a rifle that was taken by Dallas Police. A confession was there for him to sign but he refused. Not sure if he refused or when Fritz handed him the confession, that federal agents told Fritz to take that off the table because they just wanted Oswald. Frazier seems to be to be influenced by others, and with his connections to Ruby he was able to get that gun planted on the sixth floor.

        1. Agreed! I also ran across some testimony stating that Frazier brought Oswald to work everyday…not just when he went to Irving…and have you noticed he is not available to researchers and only does interviews about every five years reciting the same old tired story? The museum interview revealed a little more, but the interviewer was lobbing softballs for Buell and not asking the right questions….

          1. I actually viewed the interview on the computer when I was in the reading room at the sixth floor museum. As I was watching it, Gary Mack the curator was at the table next to me with another researcher. While I was watching the interview I could not help but notice all of the nervous habits Frazier had. The worst was he kept pulling at his ear every time the talk was about Oswald. I wanted to ask Mr. Mack some questions while I was in there but I was told I would have to set up an appointment with him. WTH. He was right there.

          2. Yeah…they certainly don’t make it easy! Since we don’t have the results of Frazier’s lie detector test, I would say he probably failed miserably as he did with the voice stress analysis in the 70’s…He’s definitely a liar…The question is how deep was his role? All he could’ve been told to do was befriend Oswald and get his gun into the building on a certain date. After they had gone shooting, all Wesley had to do was offer to keep Oswalds gun in his trunk for safekeeping….

    2. He never said they did not talk at all, just not very much. He also says it was his sister providing the information about Russia – she was friends with Ruth and Marina and often shared coffee with them and as we all know women tend to share personal information among themselves more freely than men, especially in those years (60’s). All she told them was that they lived there and if you research there were many Russian immigrants living in the Dallas are who had escaped Russia prior to, during and after WW II. They were known as Red or White Russians and were not a part of the cold war.

    1. I think that they did find another one that day, and the one they found was one that was planted there by someone. If Oswald was the one to plant a gun and that be his role in the plot, then he would think that he was being set up when the plan went wrong. Lots of evidence points to there being another gun being up there that day. It was a known fact that bringing a gun into the building was easy, because someone had done it just a few days before.

      1. If oswald was carrying in the rifle that morning, with he intent of killing JFK, why on this earth did he not have his pistol with him also? Instead left it at home.

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