A New Generation to look at Camelot

Over the past 52 years the United States of America has seen 9 Presidents call the White House home. Each of them brought their own unique quality to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. and each would try to leave a legacy behind. It is debatable who is the greatest President of the United States was, but there is no debate as to who would leave the White House too soon before his legacy was still in front of him. The death of President John F. Kennedy would have a ripple effect on our nation in the years that followed his assassination, and we as a nation have always wondered what could have been. The many debates as to who pulled the trigger that day in Dallas has been written about countless times and the debate does not seem to be slowing down with time. As I entered into the world of JFK assassination research at a very early age, my understanding of what happened changed over the years. Not only did my opinion change as I was able to do more research but my writing changed as well.

Almost two years ago I had just finished my bachelor’s degree in business management in hopes of being able to further my career in the field that I had been working in. As the academic advisor was trying to push me into going for my Master’s degree, I realized that maybe I should pursue the one area that has always interested me, History. So at that moment, I wanted to become a better writer, and a better researcher, in hopes of being able to finally write a book about the JFK assassination. The journey would take two years to complete, but at the end of my of Master’s program I would be able to write my final capstone paper. Over these last two years, I have been unable to write many blog posts because of the amount of schoolwork that was in front of me. But here I am, ready to finally write about the topic that has garnered my interest since I was 8 years old, and it would put the finishing touch on my Master’s degree.


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As I have been debating what to write about for this massive writing assignment which will turn into my first book, the vast amount of stories about John F. Kennedy’s life and assassination, have been written about. So instead of writing about a particular theory or story about something that happened during his life, I have decided to look at how history has written about JFK. From the side of both conspiracy theorist, lone gunman theorist, and those who write about his life. In my collection alone, I have over 130 books about both his life and assassination, and since 1963 the history of the topic has changed. The story which started with the making of Camelot, to who else could have pulled the trigger, to the dark side of Camelot, and finally back to the legacy and impact of JFK, has ruled the history books of the life and death of our 35th President. The JFK assassination was a pivotal moment in the history of the United States of America, and the outcome of it, would shape the nation for decades to come. The hope of a nation may have died that day in Dallas as well, as the country has looked for the kind of leadership that JFK provided.

Whatever your journey has been in the research about either the life of JFK or the assassination that cut his life way too short, I would invite you to comment below and tell everyone what made you want to read about him or the assassination. What caught your attention either as a child or an adult? As a new generation of researchers emerges, I hope to be able to keep the flame bright on the memory of JFK and have another generation of researchers look into the truth about what happened on that day in Dallas.



4 thoughts on “A New Generation to look at Camelot”

  1. Firstly let me say that it was not just Americans who were affected by the assassination. His warmth, smile and attitude touched the whole world. Living as a 12 year old boy in Sydney Australia the thing that I remember most about that day was the absolute shock that such a thing could happen. I remember looking at the front page of the evening newspaper over and over – stunned. I was naive enough at that age to not realise that such a thing was possible. And so we lamented his passing. But within two years the death of King and then his brother Robert was indeed momentous – especially for a young Catholic lad. Dreams were shattered. America took on a different look in my eyes. It had become a dangerous place where bad things could happen. Its dream was over.

    It has not been till recent years that I have become interested enough to join a group and share my ideas and listen to others. Probably the main reason that I joined such a search and began to research the event was primarily because it is and remains the greatest unsolved murder in the twentieth century. The answers now are there but the names are not. The basic reasons and movers have been exposed. It is the fine detail that remains. There have been several times when I thought it best to give up and just leave it alone. Could the truth really be found if there were in fact 2 or 3 or more Oswalds, if the CIA/FBI changed, destroyed, altered evidence to completely bewilder any researcher? Could anything be believed? I am not as cynical these days. I take on board any new development and hope eventually in someone’s loft a box full of names will be revealed.
    Good luck with your research and book.

  2. Well for 52 years my life work has been about collecting anything about JFK. I was nine when the principle came in my 4th grade class to say he was dead. My mom was crying when I got home…seeing her cry almost killed me…so now I have the greatest Kennedy collection in the world!
    From his cuff links to his car over 10,000 items. All about his life.
    I want people to remember and others to learn all about this man we still miss
    .John Kennedy.
    F Nicholas Ciacelli
    Miami Fl.

  3. I first had to do a history report in 10th grade and luck of the draw, I drew JFK as my topic. That was 1980 and I’ve been hooked ever since. I recently wrote a book titled, ‘The Innocence of Oswald–50+ Years of Lies, Deception & Deceit in the Murders of President John F. Kennedy & Officer J.D. Tippit.’ I use government documents and photos to PROVE that Lee Oswald could not have killed these two men. I will continue my work on JFK and Lee Oswald for as long as I live.

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